MIL-Series Batteries & Power Solutions

Rugged battery solutions for mission-critical applications

Inventus Power offers a standard line of military grade batteries designed to withstand the most austere environments and are certified & tested according to MIL-STDs.

Applications Include:

  • Communication & Data Devices
  • Unmanned robots (UAVs & UGVs)
  • Advanced Tactical Devices

Battery Packs

Model #Part #DescriptionNominal VoltageRated CapacityNominal Energy
MB-CWB-200993513-USCWB 3.6.2 InvincStable
200Wh Conformal Wearable Battery
MB-CWB-150 (Retired)990713CWB 3.6.0 Legacy
150Wh Conformal Wearable Battery
MB-2590-30007-52590High Capacity 300Wh Rechargeable
Li-ion Battery with SMBus
Series: 20V
Parallel: 10V
Series: 10.35Ah
Parallel: 20.7Ah


Model #Part #Description
MC-SBC-1CWB 980139-USSingle CWB Charger for MB-CWB-150
MC-DTC-6CWB980142-USMulti-Unit CWB Charger for MB-CWB-150 or MB-CWB-200

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