Safe and Reliable Power Systems for Healthcare

With patient lives on the line, every medical device used in the care setting must be carefully engineered for utmost safety, connectivity, reliability, security and quality. Inventus Power ensures that the systems running these critical devices not only perform exceptionally well but also meet the industry’s unique requirements and regulations. Over the course of nearly 60 years of engineering innovation, we’ve set a new standard for OEMs and contract manufacturers — providing a portfolio of battery packs and chargers to power supplies that address ever-increasing demands for efficiency, portability and miniaturization.

We have a strong track record working with a wide range of medical devices and care environments to support:U1LiFe_Final010815

  • Ventricular assist devices
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Defibrillators
  • Injection and infusion pumps
  • Patient monitors and multi-parameter monitors
  • Workstation on wheels/computer carts with U1LiFe Series Batteries (U1-40, U1-45, U1-50)
  • Handheld orthopedic power tools and surgical devices
  • PAPP/CPAP devices
  • Neurostimulation devices
  • Portable imaging, diagnostic instrumentation, and surgical instruments

The Inventus Power Advantage:

  • Our market diversity gives you several advantages: One, our work in high-volume commercial (B2C) and industrial (B2B) markets results in efficiencies of scale that can be passed on to you. Moreover, the IP we’ve developed through patented technologies for the consumer, commercial and military & government sectors can be leveraged to benefit medical solutions.
  • Our accredited test labs in the U.S. and China work with OEMs and contract manufacturers to design, test and certify all types of power systems. This helps you comply with internal milestones and record-keeping mandates, including:
    • ISO 13485 and UL 60601
    • Design History Files (DHF) and Device History Records (DHR) FDA quality records
    • Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) design process risk mitigation
    • Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) manufacturing process risk mitigation
    • Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and quality assurance checklists
    • Continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and just-in-time product delivery

From small cordless surgical tools to large portable X-ray systems, we can help ensure the power system in your medical device is designed to meet all of your customers’ expectations for safety, quality, reliability and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our how our power systems expertise sets medical device innovation into motion.

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