Smart Chargers Optimized for High Efficiency, Fast Charging & Better Battery Life

Inventus Power creates and delivers innovative designs for internal, external, single- and multi-bay chargers and docking stations. We apply nearly 60 years of engineering expertise to meet demanding requirements for a broad range of portable, motive & stationary applications. Every solution is designed with an exceptional understanding of the nuances of battery chemistry, environmental temperature, usage patterns, charging speed and a host of other characteristics that impact not only charging time but also battery runtime, cycle life and cost.

Our patented Virtual Voltage Termination (VVT) technology solves user needs for higher efficiency, faster charges, and better battery life. VVT’s advanced charge management ensures consistency of charge time over the life of the battery pack, mitigating the effects of component aging and degradation. Learn more about the technology behind this Li-ion battery charging algorithm by downloading our VVT White Paper below!


The Inventus Power Advantage:

  • Customized charging techniques (VVT & CC/CV)
  • Multi-slot capabilities from 1-10 bays
  • Support for communication over I²C, SMBus, USB for diagnostic communication, RS232 and CAN bus
  • Docking stations for data transfer and host communication
  • Auxiliary battery charging
  • Microprocessor-based platforms with custom algorithms; single microprocessor control of multiple bays
  • Field software upgradable (boot loader)
  • All necessary safety and EMC certifications

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