Apr 2, 2018

Derek Kane, Vice President of Americas Operations & General Manager of Medical & Military Division, provided Boss Magazine with an inside look at Inventus Power and how we keep multiple industries “powered up”!

BossMagzineImageInventus Power has a long-standing history of designing and manufacturing battery packs, chargers, and power supplies for global OEMs across a wide range of portable, motive, and stationary applications. Depending on the volume or complexity needed for the power solution, Inventus Power will operate on different levels to best support its customers’ needs.

“It gives us a level of nimbleness, allowing our support of customers in nearly any industry,” Kane commented.

For example, when working on consumer electronics applications, Inventus Power will run medium- and high-speed automation lines to meet demand. When working on a medical application, products will go through a more rigorous design, testing, and validation process to meet customer requirements for quality, safety, and reliability.

In addition to the company’s broad market experience, Inventus Power is unique to the industry in several other ways.

“No one else in our industry manufacturers on a global scale,” Kane said. “We have operations in Asia, South America in Brazil, and North America. Our vertical integration also sets us apart.”

As the standard processes that make up a battery pack have matured over the last couple of decades, the industry has incorporated more smart technology. Inventus Power puts itself in a leadership position by taking ownership of all of those processes, including performing the majority of its plastic injection molding needs in-house. The company’s vertically integrated production capabilities shorten lead times and provide customers with turnkey solutions.


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