The Safest and Most Rugged Portable Charger

Wolf Pack 810-FR

Inventus Power is a global leader in advanced battery systems and the original producer of wearable power for the US military.

Utilizing our expertise in designing and manufacturing safe and reliable military-grade lithium-ion battery packs, we are excited to offer this new line of Wolf Pack™ portable chargers to the market.

The Wolf Pack 810-FR is a high-capacity 24,500 mAh militarized portable charger. Because of our stringent Protect the Pack safety testing methods, we consider Wolf Pack™ products to be the safest and most rugged portable chargers in the world.

Model #Part #DescriptionNominal VoltageRated CapacityNominal EnergyData Sheet
Wolf Pack 810-FR07-57606-101Coyote Brown5 V24,500 mAh88.2 WhPDF

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