Conformal Wearable Batteries

Safe, Flexible, Wearable Power Designed to Increase Mission Effectiveness

Inventus Power has a long-standing history of developing renewable energy products for the U.S. Military. Working closely with the U.S. Army Nett Warrior community, Inventus Power developed the original Conformal Wearable Battery (3.6.0 CWB Legacy) which is a safe, flexible and wearable power source designed to meet the current and future needs of the Warfighter. Our legacy CWB 150 (14.8V; 152Wh) is the only fielded and proven battery to meet 100% of the U.S. Army’s requirements and exceed the MIL-PRF-32383/4A specification in several areas critical to Warfighter safety and mission accomplishment. To date, over 150,000 CWBs have been delivered through Nett Warrior and Small Unit Power programs.

NEW CWB 3.6.2 InvincStableCWB 3.6.2 Standing

Inventus Power now proudly offers the innovation of a 200Wh CWB with a 33% increase in energy in the same form factor as the legacy 150Wh CWB.

Inventus Power’s CWB 3.6.2 InvincStable Conformal Wearable Battery provides the modern Warfighter with the safest, most ergonomic, centralized power solution needed to power to all warfighter-worn battery-operated equipment in any environment.

The CWB 3.6.2 (15.2V; 196Wh) is the highest energy density CWB in the world. It is also the safest and most advanced military-grade battery due to its anti-propagation technology and proprietary safe, Tranquility cells.

Its FlexPack design conforms to the Warfighter’s body, optimizing ergonomics. This mission-capable battery is ballistic/penetration-safe, water immersible (meets MIL-PRF 32383/4), and ruggedized for wide temperature performance.

People are our top priority and Inventus Power’s CWBs have enhanced the capabilities of the Warfighter with a safer energy solution.


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