Proformance Series LI-ION BATTERIES

A new standard in safety, intelligence & reliability

For 60 years, Inventus Power has partnered with the most innovative brands to design and manufacture advanced battery systems for a broad range of applications.

Leveraging our decades of experience, proven safety record, advanced engineering capabilities, and global manufacturing footprint, we are excited to expand our standard product offering to include a platform of high-performance Li-ion batteries for emerging motive and stationary applications.

Introducing…PROformance Series Batteries

Our PROformance Series was designed, engineered and tested to perform in heavy-duty applications such as professional cleaning equipment, aerial work platforms, light electric vehicles, robotics, energy storage and more!

The PROformance Series includes two product families:

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Test our PROformance…Samples now available!

Model #ChemistryNominal VoltagePack EnergyWeightSizeData Sheet
M-12V40-U1 LFP12.8V512Wh (40Ah)6.5kg (14.3lbs) 191 x 134 x 185 mmPDF
M-24V20-U1LFP25.6V512Wh (20Ah)6.5kg (14.3lbs) 191 x 134 x 185 mmPDF
M-24V60-TRXLFP25.6V1.52kWh (60Ah)18.2kg (40lbs)299 x 177 x 230mmPDF
M-24V80-TRXLFP25.6V2.05kWh (80Ah)18kg (40lbs)348 x 178 x 260mmPDF
M-24V90-TRXLFP25.6V2.3kWh (90Ah)21kg (47lbs)348 x 178 x 260mmPDF
M-48V60-TRXNCM50.8V3.1kWh (60Ah)18.8kg (41.4lbs)348 x 178 x 260mmPDF