Jan 31, 2018

Operational Energy Summit 2018Our Product Management Director, Mike Stein, is attending the Operational Energy Summit this week near Washington, D.C. with Spartan Strategy‘s CEO, Dr. Ronald Clark. This forum brings together policymakers and technology leaders to solve some of DoD’s operational energy challenges.

Particular interest was given to Power Division Chief, CERDEC US ARMY, Beth Ferry’s briefing on “Power and Energy Enabling Multi-Domain Battle” where she discussed how the next generation Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) is being developed to align with the future soldier’s energy needs.





Learn more about Inventus Power’s solution for centralized, wearable soldier power:

CWB: Safe, Flexible Conformal Wearable Batteries

CWB_No Labels

  • CWB 85 (14.8V; 85Wh)
  • CWB 150 (14.8V; 148Wh)
  • 28V CWB (28V; 167Wh)
  • P-CWB (200Wh; primary, non-rechargeable)

Soldier-Safe Military Power Systems Brochure

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