Feb 22, 2017

Join us on Tuesday,  March 21st at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT for a live webcast presentation on Medium Format Li-ion Battery Applications: Growth in the Middle Class.


Li-ion battery technology first enabled the lap-top market and soon thereafter, small, simple consumer electronics products. There is widespread speculation that electric vehicles, with their large format batteries, will be the wave of the future, but meanwhile, “medium format” battery applications are converting to Li-ion at a rapid pace. These multi-cell batteries power everything from forklifts to e-bikes to back-up data storage and have medium current delivery and capacity in common. During this live webcast, our industry experts will provide in-depth advice on design considerations when utilizing medium format batteries, including:

  • Overview of the medium format market. These applications include material handling equipment, battery back-up units, lawn and garden equipment, industrial cleaners, aerial scissor lifts, industrial drones, golf carts, and other motive applications.
  • Comparison of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Li-ion. Many of these applications are currently using SLA or ICE technology and will benefit from the weight, cycle life and maintenance improvements that Li-ion offers.
  • Conversion to Li-ion and what is required for a drop-in SLA replacement, including off-the-shelf solutions available today.
  • Design considerations for medium format Li-ion batteries. We will examine the new mid-range cell offerings in detail and discuss cell balancing and other electronics required for multi-cell designs.

Li-ion batteries can provide better run-time and higher efficiency in industrial equipment and motive applications. Our presenters will provide valuable information on how best to utilize this technology within these rapidly changing markets.

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Ilyas Ayub, Director of Application Engineering
Robin Schneider, Ph.D. Technical Marketing Director
Robin Schneider, Ph.D.
Technical Marketing Director