Engineer Exchange Program (EEP)

Inventus Power EngineersInventus Power is a global organization with multi-country locations across 4 continents. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced battery systems across a broad range of portable, motive and stationary applications. With over 300 engineers among our two Technical Centers (North America & Asia), we have the benefit of sharing expertise and culture across a global scale, which is why we launched the Engineer Exchange Program (EEP). The EEP provides engineers the opportunity to visit our other technical centers to work alongside their colleagues, creating process efficiencies, and fostering a “One Team” mindset.

How was the Engineer Exchange Program (EEP) created?

For the past two years, a few engineers from our China facilities visited our Woodridge headquarters on a per project basis. The in-person collaboration that was had between our two engineer departments was quickly recognized and expanded. Now, we exchange two to three engineers, for up to a three-month period, amongst our technical centers in the US (Woodridge, IL) and China (Guangzhou).  The engineers participating come from a variety of specialized disciplines including mechanical, electrical, systems, and test engineering.

EEP Benefits

Inventus Power is committed to a “One Team” initiative that aligns procedures and company culture for all our employees, regardless of their work location. Since implementing the EEP, we have seen an improvement in communication between engineering teams, clearly defined departmental structure, and a better understanding of one another’s cultures.

The EEP not only benefits our employees, but our customers as well. Customers are experiencing faster response rates and receiving consistent deliverables, whether they are working with our U.S. or China engineers.

“Inventus Power is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of lithium battery packs. Our engineers work cooperatively as One Team around the world to exceed our customer’s expectations!”

King Moy | Electrical Engineering Group Leader | Inventus Power