Our charging solutions improve battery pack performance and extend life

charger-group-itcUtilizing innovative technologies, Inventus Power designs and manufactures some of the most advanced chargers and docking stations in the marketplace.

From desktop chargers and docking stations to sophisticated charging solutions, we offer customers almost six decades of experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art chargers for a variety of applications.

With innovative microprocessor, communication and data transfer technologies, our charger designs are seamlessly integrated into your application. From internal battery chargers to external single or multi-bay chargers, we can help you configure a battery charger to meet the specific needs of your battery pack.

In addition to customized charging solutions, Inventus Power offers customers our patented Virtual Voltage Termination (VVT) technology which provides greater efficiency and reduces charging time while improving battery cycle life.


  • Microprocessor-based platforms with custom algorithms
  • Custom charge configurations
  • Independently controlled multi-channel chargers
  • Chargers for multiple chemistries
  • Multiple communication platforms including I2C, SMBus, USB, RS232, and CAN bus
  • All necessary safety and EMC certifications
  • Docking stations for data transfer and host communication
  • Auxiliary battery charging
  • Option to include our Elpac brand of internal power supplies or desktop adapters
  • Optional agency approvals: UL 60950 and UL60601 chargerfamily


VVT Technology

Inventus Power’s patented charging technology offers several benefits over conventional charging including faster charge, charging at lower peak power and extended cycle life.

Why include VVT into your charger design?

  • Efficient and reliable method for battery charging
  • Provides shorter charging time over conventional CC/CV chargers
  • Utilizes 25-30% less power consumption than CC/CV chargers
  • Provides a consistent charge time over life of battery pack
  • Implemented through software (no additional hardware cost)

Microprocesessor-Based Charging

Utilizing our patented VVT technology, Inventus Power chargers provide more efficient charging and allow single microprocessor control of multiple charging bays. They can be configured for various communication protocols and offer a competitive cost-effective solution to platforms leveraging dedicated off-the-shelf components for every sub-function.

Our microprocessor-based platforms offer unparalleled customization potential and speed of charging. Additional benefits include:

  • Full software control of our chargers and systems
  • Higher efficiency
  • Easy interface with host device
  • Forward compatibility with future design (due to software adaptability) allowing for faster and more cost effective design changes

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