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    Backup Power Options for Data Storage and Servers

    Our Director of Application Engineering, Ilyas Ayub, wrote an article for Data Center Journal Magazine (April 2017) that explores backup power options available for data storage and server applications. Emergency … Continued
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    Design Essentials: For UAVs and Drones, Batteries are Included

    Our VP of Marketing & Business Development, Jeff VanZwol, wrote an article for Machine Design that explores the battery options that available for smaller unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.  Unmanned … Continued
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    Soldiers Reap Rewards of Wearable Battery Design Rethink

    The Journal of Miliary Electronics & Computing (COTS Journal) featured an article in their March 2017 issue about Inventus Power’s next generation Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB). Known as the Ballistically … Continued
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    Introduction to Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Design

    Our Director of Application Engineering, Ilyas Ayub, is a contributing writer for EDN Network. Check out his recent article, “Introduction to Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Design”. This article will provide an overview … Continued
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    Lead-Acid Battery Applications Drive the Li-ion Market

    Our Technical Marketing Director, Robin Schneider, is a contributing technical expert to Electronic Design Magazine. Check out her recent article, “Lead-Acid Battery Applications Drive the Li-ion Market”. The consumer market … Continued