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    Energy Efficiency Becomes Critical for External Power Supplies

    Navid Riazmontazer, a Senior Electrical Project Engineer at Inventus Power, wrote an article for ECN in March 2019 on the history of power supply efficiency requirements and their impact as well … Continued
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    Inventus Power Recognized as a Top 10 Battery & Energy Storage Solution Provider for 2018

    Energy CIO Insights Magazine recently published a special issue that focused on batteries and featured Top 10 companies who are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the Battery, Power … Continued
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    Lithium Vs. Lead: New Markets And Old Strongholds

    Our Senior Director of Technical Center Americas, Ilyas Ayub, wrote an article for Battery Power Online in August 2018 that compares and contrasts Lithium vs. Lead-Acid (Pb) across a variety of … Continued
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    Inventus Power Batteries Keep Industry Powered Up

    Derek Kane, Vice President of Americas Operations & General Manager of Medical & Military Division, provided Boss Magazine with an inside look at Inventus Power and how we keep multiple … Continued
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    ECN Brainstorm: Design Inspiration for Military Battery Technology

     ECN Magazine recently posed the question to a panel of battery industry experts within the military space, “What are some of the driving forces in military system design that will necessitate … Continued
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    2018 CEO Forecast with Patrick Trippel at Inventus Power

    As part of the Battery Power 2018 Trends to Watch Series, Inventus Power’s CEO,  Patrick Trippel, provides insight into the market trends and challenging dynamics that affected the battery industry this year … Continued
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    How Power Supply Efficiency Has Evolved

    The latest Department of Energy (DoE) energy efficiency requirements won’t be the last. Check out a recent article featured in the November 2017 Issue of Design World Magazine’s Power & … Continued
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    How to Prevent Battery Disasters

    Our Principal Electrical Engineer, Lucas Sturnfield, wrote an article for Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) in October 2017 that describes design approaches for protecting patients from thermal runaway in … Continued
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    Keeping It Safe: The Lithium-Ion Battery

    Our Director of Application Engineering for Americas & Europe, Ilyas Ayub, wrote an article for EDN Network (September 2017) on keeping Li-ion batteries safe through electronics and circuitry. As lithium-ion batteries … Continued