BB-2590/U Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Storage

  • More Power
  • Higher Capacity
  • Market Competitive Price

Inventus Power is excited to announce the BB2590/U lithium-ion rechargeable battery as an extension to its offering of military-standard batteries!

The BB-2590/U is designed for missions where rugged, reliable energy is needed. The battery is SMBus v 1.1 and SBData v1.1 compliant with an intelligent battery system and highly accurate fuel gauge display. It also features advanced thermal and over-charge protection. It is smart charge compatible with multiple charging options.

Our mission-capable BB-2590/U battery outperforms the competition in terms of capacity, total power/energy, operating temperature and cycle-life. It is also available at a market competitive price. Email militarypower@inventuspower.com to request a quote.

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