Lithium-ion Batteries

Inventus Powers partners with Cirba Solutions (North America) and EARN (Europe) and recommends these partners to our OEM customers. Cirba and EARN can guide Inventus Power’s OEM customers to create the most efficient and cost-effective Li-ion battery recycling processes.


About Cirba Solutions:

Cirba Solutions Logo

Cirba Solutions is the most trusted and only complete service provider in the battery management industry, taking batteries at end-of-life, processing them to extract critical materials and supply these materials back in the supply chain. With an operational, differentiated platform the full suite of capabilities addresses lithium-ion and cross-chemistry battery demand supporting a circular battery supply chain for the industry. It is the leader in end-to-end battery recycling management solutions, offering battery-centric logistics, collection program solutions, second-life applications, and validating cathode production, with technological processes that emphasize environmental compliance. Cirba Solutions combines the resources and expertise of Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies, and Battery Solutions.

For Inventus Power’s North American OEM Customers:

  • There is a patchwork set of regulations at the State/Province level in USA/Canada but no federal level requirement at this time for recycling of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Inventus Power partners with Cirba Solutions for End-of-Life (EOL) and Damaged, Defective, or Recalled (DDR) Lithium-ion batteries and we recommend Cirba for our OEM customers and their end users.
  • OEMs and/or End Users can (1) establish an account directly with Cirba Solutions or (2) select another recycling services firm that meets their legal/regulatory compliance obligations
  • If an OEM and/or End User registers directly with Cirba Solutions, Cirba will provide the appropriate user interface to order recycling services; relationship is managed between OEM and/or End User and Cirba without Inventus Power involvement.


About EARN:

EARN logo

The European Advanced Recycling Network – EARN was founded in 2003 by some of the leading WEEE recycling companies in Europe. EARN is a general contractor for services in the field of management, logistics and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, accumulators and packaging material and the wastes thereof. EARN ensures the compliance of producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging material with their registration, take-back, recycling and reporting obligations under the European WEEE, Batteries and Packaging Directives and implementing Member State regulations. Moreover, EARN has permanent access to a pan-European network of recycling facilities for state-of-the-art recycling of electronic waste.

For Inventus Power’s European OEM Customers:

  • Per the EU Battery Directive (2006), there is an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for selling battery-powered equipment which includes pre-payment into a regulated battery recycling program (plus a packaging recycling program).
  • In most cases, OEMs assume the EPR, but there are some countries where the local distributor or importer assumes EPR rather than the OEM.
  • Inventus Power partners with EARN on take-back services for our standard batteries sold through distribution that reach End-of-Life (EOL) and we recommend EARN to our OEM customers for their EOL take-back/recycling services. (Note: End Users are responsible for packing and shipping End-of-Life (EOL) batteries to recyclers, such as EARN.)
  • OEMs can (1) establish an account directly with EARN or (2) select another program management firm or (3) manage all in-country recycling programs themselves.
  • If the OEM chooses to establish an account with EARN:
    • EARN will invoice the OEM for EARN management fees and all in-country fees
    • EARN will provide an OEM portal for the OEM’s end-users to order recycling (End-users are financially responsible for packing the batteries in accordance with European regulations (e.g., ADR for ground transport) and for shipping the batteries to their in-country recycler)
    • OEMs and end-users will remit payments to EARN without Inventus Power involvement
  • Note : EARN provides program management services for take-back/recycling of EOL batteries only (includes registrations for recycling programs in each country, plus Local Authorized Representatives in each country if needed); OEMs need additional recycling processes for Damaged, Defective, Recalled (DDR) batteries, since EARN only manages take-back/recycling of EOL batteries.

For End Users of Inventus Power Standard Products (Purchased via a European Distributor):

  • EARN handles the take-back services for Inventus Power standard batteries sold through distribution that reach End-of-Life (EOL)
  • To recycle a standard battery from Inventus Power, please access our EARN portal and follow these steps:
    • Enter the requested company data in the form provided
    • Upon submission, a file is created, containing the address data of the responsible recycling plant, the sender (your data) and additional details needed for processing. Please print this file and attach it clearly visible on the box containing the batteries for shipping.
    • Note: The return form is not intended as a parcel label for free shipping but to assign the EOL battery to Inventus Power. Shipping is made self-reliant at your own expense. EARN does not assume responsibility for shipping. End User must comply with current law when shipping goods.

If you have any questions about our recycling process, please contact us.