Aug 13, 2018

Social_AUSA Annual 2018_During_V1Thanks to all who visited with the Inventus Power Military Team at the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting & Expo (Oct 8-10th) in Washington, D.C., USA. For those who visited our booth, we hope you walked away learning more about our company, capabilities and our products, including our award-winning Conformal Wearable Batteries (CWBs) and our new high-capacity BB-2590/U battery pack!

As a global leader in advanced battery systems, Inventus Power specializes in the design and manufacture of Li-ion battery packs, smart chargers, and efficient power supplies for mission-critical applications. From our line of military-standard batteries & chargers to customized power solutions, our products are designed to withstand the most austere environments and are certified & tested according to MIL-STDs.

We are an ITAR compliant company with U.S. manufacturing in Woodridge, IL. Our broad application experience, robust design & engineering and vertical integration allow us to deliver safe, innovative & reliable power solutions that increase mission effectiveness and improve outcomes for warfighters.
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