Apr 20, 2017

Inventus Power attended the 2017 IBM Systems Power Technology Symposium (April 25-26th) in Yorktown Heights, New York USA as a Technical Speaker. Lucas Sturnfield, Principal Electrical Engineer at Inventus Power,  presented on the topic, “Practical Guide to Lithium-Ion Cell Impedance with Focus on End-of-Life Projections for High-Power Battery Applications”.

Lithium-Ion technology is a dominant core element in nearly every leading product within Energy Storage and Portable Power markets. Innovations in material science and electrochemistry continue to enhance the capabilities of lithium-ion technology and facilitate the next generation of products. When evaluating a lithium-ion cell for a high-power application, it’s critical to review the impedance characteristics of that cell and to evaluate how those characteristics will impact the viability of the cell within that application. Impedance growth can be monitored, measured, and predicted; cell impedance (and its growth) can be used to predict a cell’s “End-of Life”, whether by capacity loss, thermal growth, or inadequate power delivery.

This presentation covers the nature of lithium-ion cell impedance, the leading causes of impedance growth in high-power lithium-ion battery applications, and provides a sequence of practical methods for approaching end-of-life projection for high-power battery applications.

To request a copy of the presentation slides, please email marketing@inventuspower.com.

Lucas Sturnfield, Principal Electrical Engineer