Apr 24, 2017

Inventus Power attended the 2017 Joint Services Power Expo (May 2-4th) in Virginia Beach, VA as a Conference Speaker.

Jeff Helm (Business Development Manager) and Mike Stein (Product Management Director) presented on the topic “Advanced Ballistic Technology Integrated into the Conformal Wearable Battery: Providing Protection and Power in a Single System”. 

A significant portion of the weight today’s soldier carries is attributable to a number of electronic systems; all requiring power sources to operate. The transition of the current, distributed system to one built around integrated power, in an ergonomic form factor that conforms to the soldier’s chest, yields an appreciable optimization of load carriage, and therefore improves overall human performance potential.

For the development of a next generation Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) that is married with ballistic protection, Inventus Power produced an anti-ballistic plate combined with a 148 Whr battery. This technology integration reduces the battery burden on the soldier while providing ballistic protection within the Improved Outer Tactical Vest footprint or Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (ESAPI) form factor. The design saves the Warfighter over four pounds per plate/battery pair.

During the presentation, they reviewed the fundamental design of the Ballistically Rated CWB (BR-CWB) and presented the results of testing and analysis performed to prove the benefits of the design. In addition, results of ballistic testing were presented in detail. Body armor ballistic testing was conducted to determine the resistance to penetration. The objective of resistance to penetration or “V-0 testing” is to fire projectiles at a constant velocity to demonstrate that the armor samples provide specified protection against required threats and determine the velocity at which the bullet will have a 0 percent chance of penetrating a given piece of armor. The battery with its anti-ballistic plate were shot numerous times and testing confirmed that the BR-CWB can withstand impact with deformations well within standard limits. The anti-ballistic protection provided by this device will be equal to current ESAPI.

For more information about the Ballistically Rated CWB (BR-CWB), check out this article written by Inventus Power for COTS Journal: Soldiers Reap Rewards of Wearable Battery Design Rethink

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