Feb 17, 2017

Inventus Power will be attending  Battery Power 2017 (May 17-18th) in Dallas, Texas as a Conference Speaker and a Silver Sponsor.

At the Conference Session, our Technical Marketing Director, Robin Schneider will be presenting on the topic “Growth in the Middle Class: Li-ion Battery Applications of Moderate Size and Power” where she will provide an overview of the medium format market, including material handling equipment, battery backup units, lawn and garden equipment, industrial cleaners, medical equipment, wheelchairs and other motive applications. She will discuss Li-ion conversion for medium format applications currently using sealed lead acid (SLA) battery technology as well as what is required for a drop-in SLA replacement. She will also review design considerations for medium format Li-ion batteries including new mid-range cell offerings and cell balancing.


Robin Schneider, Ph.D. Technical Marketing Director
Robin Schneider, Ph.D.
Technical Marketing Director