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    Partnering to Power Global Innovation: A Q&A with Inventus Power’s CEO, Patrick Trippel

    At Inventus Power, we are excited to formally unveil Patrick Trippel as our new president and CEO. Under Pat’s leadership, we will continue to leverage our cross-market insights and power solution … Continued
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    Leading Portable Power System Manufacturer, Inventus Power, Announces Patrick Trippel as CEO

    Inventus Power, created from the merger of ICCNexergy and Palladium Energy, expands product offerings and global reach under new leadership.   September 13, 2016 – Inventus Power, the only power systems … Continued
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    Wearable Medical Devices Embrace Lithium Polymer Cells

    During the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for wearable devices from an audience both young and old. Some medical devices provide preventative functions, such as … Continued
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    Case Study: Rechargeable Power System For Portable Breathing Device

    CUSTOMER CHALLENGE An industry leading medical OEM develops and markets a portable breathing device with several accessories to power the device. The customer was sourcing an AC/DC power supply from … Continued
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    Helping Solve the Portable Power Needs of Today’s Warfighter

    At Inventus Power, we manufacture lithium-based battery packs, chargers and power supplies for a variety of industries, including military & government, medical, consumer electronics, and commercial. While our application experience … Continued
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    How the Right Battery Pack Partner Can Help Ease the Pain of Regulations

    Regulation changes for the battery industry are always tough to manage, particularly if given a notice that is shorter than what is really needed to comply. That’s exactly what many … Continued
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    Top 5 Reasons Why Being “Technology Agnostic” Matters When Designing Battery Packs

    Chris Turner, Vice President of Technology and one of our experts, highlights the top 5 reasons why being “technology agnostic” at Inventus Power is so important when designing a battery … Continued
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    Celebrate National Battery Day!

    Today, February 18th is National Battery Day! While it is not an observed national holiday, it is a significant day for Inventus Power because it commemorates the birthday of the Italian … Continued
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    ICCNexergy+Palladium Energy Unveils New Brand as Inventus Power

    ICCNexergy and Palladium Energy (ICCN+Palladium) merged earlier this year and formed one of the world’s largest portable power solutions partners. Today, we are pleased to share that we have successfully … Continued